Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stuck On Gauge

Stephanie wrote:

The last few days I've been dealing with a knitting quandary. I'm hungry for a bigger project - a pattern that is clever, challenging and long-lasting.

I thought I had one lined up, but I've run into a bit of a snag. Have you ever had the situation where you like the yarn at one gauge but the pattern is written for a different gauge? That's the dilemma I'm faced with.

At first I thought I could live with the yarn knit at the gauge stated in the pattern. I knit up almost a full skein before I slapped myself and came to my senses. I don't like the yarn at that gauge, but I still want to use the yarn for the pattern. So I've spent a considerable amount of time re-working the pattern to accommodate the gauge I do like.

While I think I have worked out most of the kinks, I'm cautiously optimistic. These things have a way of coming back to bite me.

In the meantime I've started this basic sock to travel around with me and keep me occupied.

Plain sock in Mega Boots Stretch, color 707. I've used this yarn before and like the gradual shift in colors. I'm almost to the heel and think I'll go with a garter stitch flap.

In the news . . . we've had more water issues here.

Earlier this spring it was the heavy rains. This time it's a broken main. They had to tap into reservoir water to keep the system up and running, but that water isn't safe for drinking. We are under a boil water order for all drinking water. Granted this isn't a crisis when you think in terms of hurricanes, volcano eruptions and earthquakes. But it is a hassle.

This brought back memories of life in New Mexico when I had to boil water for bathing and washing dishes. While the kids have fond memories of those days when we had to boil water, not so for me.

Since boiling enough drinking water for my crew could be at least a part-time job, I resorted to this.

I struggled with buying all this plastic but soothed my conscience with the fact that it's temporary.

Just in case . . . a reminder for those who can't remember to stay away from the tap water.

As I write this I've received notice that the boil water order has been lifted. I think we all have a greater appreciation for free-flowing drinking water.

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