Monday, July 19, 2010

Running Around

Stephanie wrote:

For some reason this summer has been far too hectic. I keep hoping for some lazy days, but instead I'm coordinating various schedules, juggling too many balls. My front door has become a revolving door for family, friends, visitors and total strangers. The parade never ends.

I must confess that my knitting obsession right now is a wool cardigan. I plan and plot to knit a few rows here and there, but it's never enough to satisfy me. The sweater has gotten big enough that it's no longer portable and is a stay-at-home project. And really who wants to sit with a lap full of heavy wool this time of year? Note that last month was the hottest June on record. And yet the sweater is a magnet calling me to work just a few more rows, just a few more inches.

Too much running time and not enough down time has had a serious impact on my knitting. Since many of my projects are not good for on-the-go, most of my knitting time has been spent on Herbivore (Ravelry link). Almost mindless, easy to pick up, easy to put down. When I reached the suggested size for this shawlette, I decided to keep going until I used up all the yarn.

There was a point when I was working the finishing rows that I thought maybe I had gone too far, maybe I wouldn't have enough yarn. For once my calculations were right on. All that's left is the blocking.

This is the time of year to enjoy the farmers' market. Going to market is part of my weekly ritual. I never skip a week.

Hot, fresh pie from the oven.

And to go with the pie . . .

. . . coffee with a layer of ice.

Now before the day gets too crazy, time to work.

Time to wind.