Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day

Stephanie wrote:

Today is May Day. May Day is synonymous with spring, fertility, the International Workers' Day and political demonstrations. While the calendar has said spring for several weeks, I never feel it's truly spring until May Day.

May Day is a centuries-old celebration with roots in both pagan and religious observances.

We participated in our traditional May Day celebration.

While our celebration includes games and music, the centerpiece is the maypole.

Ribbons blowing in the breeze waiting for the dancing and the weaving.

Coordinating ribbons, dancers and weaving is not an easy task. It takes focus and concentration.

And in the end a decorated maypole.

As I watched the dancers weave all those ribbons I was struck by the similarities with knitting. Creating fabric from ribbons or yarn . . . nothing could be more satisfying.

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