Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Braving The Elements

Stephanie wrote:

We're back from New Hampshire Sheep and Wool. True to form the weather provided challenges all weekend long. Those who have been attending this event regularly know what I mean. The only thing we were missing this year was snow, and at times I wouldn't have been surprised to see a few flakes swirling around.

Of course on Friday the weather was nice.

This was our first time vending outside. We got off to a good start when the E-Z UP did just that.

Stocked and ready to go.

Saturday was raw with rain, heavy at times. We had some issues keeping everything dry, and there was a slight puddle forming at the back of the booth. Compared to what some of the other outside vendors experienced, we really couldn't complain. While Sunday was dry, the temps were cold and the winds fierce and blustery - an invitation to wear layers of wool.

The view from our booth.

It wouldn't be a fairgrounds without Italian sausage and fried dough.

This alpaca was beyond cute.

Almost made me wish I had one of my own.

In case you think that there is only wool for sale at a sheep and wool festival, we made a stop at Thyme & Ewe Farm . . .

. . . and came home with these goodies. We've already sampled two of them - delicious.

I was gifted with this from Five Sheep and a Donkey.

Very clever.

At Kisakanari, a vendor selling Jacob fleece, I spotted this and had to pause. I learned that this shawl is a beginning knitter's second project. Yes, second project.

I've been knitting for so long that I have no recollection of my second project, but I do know it was nothing like this. What an inspiration!

Thanks to all the hearty souls who stopped by our booth. New Hampshire Sheep and Wool - always an adventure.

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Lauren Ashley said...

Are you going to be at the MA sheep and wool festival?