Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Down To The Wire

Stephanie wrote:

This time of year can be busy and hectic, at times a blur. We run from one thing to another, barely taking time to savor the moment.

Even with all the planning and preparation we're busy down to the last minute. And then it's here.

My own holiday preparations are still in the making. I've had to call in reinforcements. My sister is here baking cookies and bringing order to my chaotic household. We secured a tree. It waits outside for us to clear a space. All in good time.

I continue to knit and make progress on my list of holiday gifts. I have resigned myself to the fact that not everything will be completed in time for the opening of gifts. But there is something to be said for gifting a ball of yarn with a promise for what it will become. And then the knitting will be easy, done out in the open with no pretense of secrecy.

Just the other day I experienced a knitter's rush. I've been hard at work on several Cairn hats. It's been fun to sift and sort through stash, playing with different colors to toss together in a hat. I knew I was cutting it close with this one. I had estimated the yardage of the contrast yarn but wasn't sure if I had quite enough.

As I worked through the crown decreases the ball dwindled before my eyes. But I kept knitting. At one point I was called away on an errand and had to leave my knitting behind. I hated to leave - the suspense was killing me. Would I have enough yarn?

This time the knitting goddess smiled on me. Yes, I had enough, just enough. There were only inches to spare. I couldn't have cut this one any closer. I topped off the hat with a feeling of accomplishment - and relief.

We've been fortunate here in New England. There's nothing like a good storm to provide a festive atmosphere.

Winter white . . .

. . . with a splash of color.

No matter how you mark this time of year, be sure to enjoy the season and savor the moments.

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