Saturday, December 5, 2009

Scarf On The Go

Stephanie wrote:

This time of year, with so many knitting projects in the works, I'm forced to maximize my knitting time. I'm sure those of you who knit for the holidays can relate.

I find myself getting up extra early to grab some quiet, secret knitting time. And I stay up later on the other end of the day to knit just one more row - or twelve.

Since the deadline for the Red Scarf Project is rapidly approaching, that project is getting lots of attention. I've set aside my Waffle Rib Socks in favor of the red scarf. Now the scarf goes everywhere with me.

And it's the perfect project to kill time - a one row pattern over and over and over. But already I feel like I've fallen into a hole with this project. I keep knitting and knitting, visibly reducing the size of the ball of yarn. But the scarf doesn't seem to get any longer. How can that be? I'm trying not to dwell on it. I said I will knit until the yarn is gone. As long as the ball gets smaller, I know I'm on the right track.

The scarf made a trip to the skating rink.

The kids and I go ice skating every week. This week I sacrificed my ice time so I could work on the scarf. The kids were bummed I wasn't skating, so next time I'll have to be out on the ice. Maybe I can skate and knit at the same time.

And for a bit of culture the scarf went to a play.

For once I had the benefit of a well lit set.

Thanks to all who posted comments and entered the contest. What an ambitious, creative bunch! If you haven't done so already, there's still time to enter. Post a comment and tell us what you're knitting for the holidays. If you don't knit for the holidays, let us know what you're currently working on. The winner receives the winter installment of the Four Seasons Mitten Club. But hurry - the deadline is Sunday, December 6.

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Tracey said...

knitting while skating sounds dangerous! are those your hockey skates? very cool.