Monday, January 18, 2010

Classy Sox

Stephanie wrote:

We have a new yarn here at Dye Dreams. Classy Sox is a blend of 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere and 10% nylon. While Classy Sox made its debut with the winter installment of our Four Seasons Sock Club, I haven't given it a proper introduction here.

This yarn is a pleasure to knit. It's soft yet cushy and bouncy. And it has wonderful drape. As you can imagine it's ideal not only for socks but also for scarves, neck warmers and any garment where you want next-to-skin softness. Classy Sox is firmly plied and doesn't split the way some softer yarns do.

This yarn takes dye beautifully. Classy Sox has a nice range of color variation and depth. We chose our initial color offerings for Classy Sox but have been experimenting with other color options.

Dyeing is a process that forces you to go with the flow, to be open and accepting of what the dye pot produces. Often I'm seeking a specific color only to look in the pot and discover a color that isn't even close to what I had envisioned. But that's OK. The color I was aiming for is yet to be found and in the meantime there's a new color with all kinds of possibilities.

Case in point . . .

This was not the color I intended, but it may grow on me and be part of our lineup in the future. It has potential.

This one also didn't come out of the pot as I had expected.

I like the depth of this color. Again, it's not what I was looking for, but it may make the final cut.

Now this color dyed up as I imagined it would.

I think it may be a contender.

I had a hunch how this one would turn out, and it didn't disappoint.

While I realize this bright green isn't for everyone, I know it speaks to some knitters.

And just to balance things out . . .

. . . subtle earth tones. I think this one has real possibilities.

I'll be sampling more colors in the next several days and will share the results with you.

There was a good response to the contest last week. While I knew the online sources of inspiration would get lots of votes, it's encouraging to see that some of you still rely on knitting groups and local yarn stores for ideas. Nancyd is the winner of the $25 Dye Dreams gift certificate. Thanks again to everyone who participated! We'll be doing this again soon.

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