Saturday, July 25, 2009

Portland Or Bust

Stephanie wrote:

Our preparations for Sock Summit have been underway for weeks. There are so many decisions to make - what to take, how much to take, how to display everything. This event has definitely taken the level of chaos up a notch or two. While we have done a big convention center event before, we've never had to ship our inventory.

This week was a countdown to get everything ready for shipping. Yarn was dyed and dry, skeins were wound.

Lists, labels and more lists.

Counting and re-counting because someone had the nerve to talk to me when I was clearly focused and counting out loud. Checking my numbers against a master list. Discovering my numbers were off. Counting again.

I had flash backs to the many moves my household has made over the years. Box space is always tight when you finally get down to the last items. You've gathered boxes, saved boxes - surely there will be enough room for everything. But in the end you're forced to rearrange and cram things in. It's all a big puzzle. If you take this out, it will make room for that. And then you can put this here, but first you have to move that. And so it goes - on and on.

Finally, boxes filled and ready to go. We had several stacks like this.

And then, just like that, it's all gone. Whisked away to meet us on the other side of the country.

Now Mona and I have a few precious days to tie up loose ends (a sock club shipment among other things). And then it will be time for us, too, to be whisked away.

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