Friday, May 29, 2009

What's In A Name?

Stephanie wrote:

Dyeing yarn is a process with several steps along the way.  Just when we think we're finished, we come to what may be the hardest part - naming the colorway.

We have a new colorway that we want to release to the world.  It's all set to go except for one minor detail - it needs a name. It's like going through pregnancy, labor and delivery.  You can't introduce your new baby to family and friends without a name. Well, I did that with one of my kids.  It was well over a week before she had a name.  So far she hasn't shown any ill effects from her days of namelessness.

But it's different with yarn - we really do need a name.  We have to label and identify it.  Some yarn companies take the easy route and assign numbers.  Mona and I discussed this in the beginning and decided to take the time to name all of our colorways.

I love playing with words, looking up various meanings and derivations, bouncing possible options off family members.  Mona and I solicit ideas and suggestions from anyone and everyone.  We've even been known to ask relative strangers for input.

Naming colors takes a certain creativity and investment of time.  We want to observe the yarn in different lighting situations. Trust me when I tell you the lighting conditions in the Baltimore Convention Center are not conducive to accurate name selection.  Indoors, outdoors.  Where's the Ott-Lite?

Some names are clever and creative.  Some names are descriptive and utilitarian.  Some names are whimsical and magical. And some names are just plain lame.  I admit that at one time we had a colorway named blue.  I blame sleep deprivation for that one.

Given our sometimes less-than-accurate name choices, it's reassuring when there's evidence to support spot-on name selection.

The flower iris.  Again, courtesy of my neighbor's yard.  I think it's a match.


Taos Sunflower said...

At one time, I printed out an exhaustive list of planet names from the internet and used some of those for my colorways (I have since just started using "Free Fall", which I can use for one of a kinds...easier for me.

Stephanie said...

At one point Mona and I were thinking of using celestial names. For some reason we decided to open it up to others. I do like Free Fall . . .