Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kind Of Blue

Stephanie wrote:

Kind Of Blue . . . the title of one of my favorite Miles Davis' albums.  The phrase sprang to mind when I recently surveyed the efforts from a day of dyeing.

Not that I'm in a blue, down-in-the-dumps kind of mood.  I do find it interesting that from a long list of colors that had to be dyed, I chose most of the blue tone colors on the same day.

The yarn shown is Comfy Sox - Azure above and Peacock below.  These are two examples of blues I dyed in one day - the other two blues didn't make the photo shoot.

In a slight shift from blue . . . I finished this the other day.

This is my second Hoarfronst by Anne Hanson.  The first one I made as a booth sample.  I liked the pattern so much I had to have one for myself and cast on right away.

The yarn is Luster Sox Grape.  I love this yarn - durable, great stitch definition.  And it dyes up with lovely, subtle color variation.  The temps have been cool this week.  If this weather pattern continues, I may need to use this neck warmer sooner rather than later.

I found this bit of color inspiration in my yard.  Lately I've been thinking we need some pink in our color line-up.  Think I can match this? 

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