Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Stephanie wrote:

This time of year can be crazy busy. The calendar is full of extra parties, celebrations, commitments and obligations. We really should attend this. Can I fit one more activity in our schedule? Constant juggling. Never enough hours in the day. Is this the price we have to pay for the relaxed, playful days of summer?

As a result I feel like this.

Scattered puzzle pieces.

We are on a serious puzzle jag here. Everywhere I look there are puzzles. Completed puzzles because once you've put in all that time and effort, you can't bear to take them apart.

And puzzles in progress.

Flags of the World in 1000 pieces.

This morning I woke up and vowed to regroup and take some time for myself.

Time for this.

Coffee is the elixir of my life. Beer is in the same category, but I save that for later in the day. Isn't this mug funky? It's one of Jennie the Potter's creations.

Time for this.

This is my third time knitting Holidazed, and I'm determined to keep this pair. The light shade is out of my usual color comfort zone, but the yarn, Regia Stretch, is a good match for the pattern. And it was in my stash.

Time for this.

The beginnings of Herbivore (Ravelry link). I had a couple of false starts with colorful, busy yarns that detracted from the pattern, but I think I'm on the right track with this combination.

And time for this.

Maybe I'll find the missing piece to Canada.

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Taos Sunflower said...

I adore jig saw puzzles, but find if I have one out, I won't do anything else! (PS Hope you find Canada.)