Thursday, June 10, 2010


Stephanie wrote:

I still feel a bit damp after a wet weekend in Maine. Even though the rains were, at times, torrential and a boat would have come in handy, I had a delightful time. It's always fun to see familiar faces, catch up with friends and make new acquaintances. Kudos to those who braved the storm to attend this event. It wouldn't have been as much fun without you.

Since we were in Maine, it was only appropriate to spotlight a "Made in Maine" product. There's nothing like a table full of colorful bags to attract attention.

These are the handiwork of Michele from Three Bags Full.

Details. Most of the beads on the bags are also "Made in Maine". They are the work of Bev from Shipyard Point Glassworks.

And more bags.

These, however, are made in Massachusetts.

We were treated to a bit of entertainment.

A fast moving parade.

Of course there were many cute faces in the barns.

English Baby Doll.

And Leicester Longwool.

Some of the goats were too frisky for a photo, but this one was very cooperative.

I love the horns.

Llamas strutting about the grounds.

So regal. They are born to pose.

And I couldn't resist this Jersey Wooly.

A ball of fluff with a twitching nose.

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MicheleinMaine said...

Oh, I was afraid it would be very wet! I"m glad you had a good time. Those lambs are completely adorable!