Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Holiday

Stephanie wrote:

This past weekend I found myself hanging out in a convention center with hours to kill while the kids attended an event. To make the most of my situation I was armed with my knitting, an audio book and coffee.

Convention centers are strange places that bring together disparate groups of people. For instance this weekend the convention center hosted a talent search competition (envision girls of all ages running around in leotards, dance dresses, full makeup and elaborate hairdos with hovering mothers in tow) and a quilting exposition. What a contrast!

After seeing a steady parade of striking quilted bags and jackets I took a walk down the hallway to see what the quilters were up to.

And this is what I found.

Gorgeous works of art representing hours and hours worth of time spent in color choice, fabric selection, cutting, stitching, assembly and finishing.

Zooming in.

This quilt used completely different colors.

The view up close is different than from a distance.

There are so many different fabrics, colors and stitches that go into each individual puzzle piece. Truly amazing.

As I sat knitting in the convention center several quilters stopped to see what I was working on. Many of them were also knitters. What yarn are you using? What is that pattern? Do you prefer knittng socks toe-up or top down? I felt a real kinship with these quilters, even those who didn't knit. We shared a love of fiber and needles and a passion for creating.

There was a time in my life when I did lots and lots of sewing. I appreciate quilting and some days think of taking the plunge. But I think it will have to wait for another lifetime.

In keeping with the quilting theme . . .

. . . a tile quilt/mural in the convention center.

And just like the fabric quilts you could find some interesting details if you got close enough.

Turtles scattered throughout one section of the mural.

I couldn't resist them.

Today in Massachusetts we are celebrating Patriot's Day, a holiday to commemorate the beginning of the American Revolution. Maine, once part of Massachusetts, also celebrates. It's a holiday marked by re-enactments and parades.

And today is also Marathon Monday, the running of the 114th Boston Marathon. Coupled with a daytime Red Sox game at Fenway it makes for a full day of sports.

Patriot's Day, a spring holiday for history buffs and sports enthusiasts. And appreciated by everyone who has the day off.

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Kat said...

Steph, I really enjoy reading your posts. You have a fabulous voice and the sharing of the little details, like the turtles makes me feel like I was there with you!