Friday, April 9, 2010

It's In The Mail

Stephanie wrote:

In shop news we've been busy with club shipments. The spring mitten club shipped last week and the sock club shipped this week. It's so much fun to get yarn in the mail.

Dragonfly Mitten is the work of Janel Laidman. You can see a picture here (Ravelry link). The mittens are truly a work of art.

Textured Diamonds Socks was designed by Ann Budd. I can't locate a picture, but trust me when I say that these socks look like a fun project. Speaking of Ann she recently started a blog. In addition to talking about all things yarn, she also has a link to recipes from her blog readers. Be sure to check it out.

A couple more notes about both clubs. The yarn used in these designs is Luster Sox, a 100% bluefaced leicester superwash yarn. Both clubs offer exclusive colorways. It's not too late to get in on a full club membership. The spring installments will soon be available as stand-alone kits. Finally, the knit alongs for both of these will be starting in the next few days. You can find all the fun at our Ravelry group.

In knitting news I finished and gifted the Baby Surprise Jacket.

I find it extremely clever that this knitted blob . . .

. . . can be folded into this.

Origami for knitters.

And I'm delighted with the buttons.

The credit goes to my daughter - she spotted them first.

The other day I was stuck in stop and go traffic. I've decided that the only thing worse than being stuck in traffic is being stuck in traffic without my knitting handy.

Since I didn't have my needles to keep me occupied I was looking around, taking in the scenery. And this is what I saw.

A wild turkey strutting down the sidewalk in Cambridge. That alone is enough to bring traffic to a halt.