Sunday, November 22, 2009

Club News

Stephanie wrote:

We've been cooking up a little something here at Dye Dreams and have expanded our Four Seasons concept to include mittens. Announcing the Four Seasons Mitten Club.

Every quarter members will receive the yarn and pattern for a pair of mittens. The pattern designers are Wendy D. Johnson, Janel Laidman, Beth Brown-Reinsel and Donna Kay.

We are very excited about this project. We've been working with the designers to select the yarn and an exclusive colorway for each pattern. The designers will offer interesting, varied patterns. Like socks, mittens make a great portable project. It will be lots of fun.

Speaking of clubs we've also opened up our Four Seasons Sock Club for 2010. The designers for the Sock Club include Anne Hanson, Ann Budd and JC Briar. Again, there will be a variety of fibers with an exclusive colorway. These designers are sure to provide a nice selection of sock patterns.

News from the needles . . . I'm cruising along on the foot of my Bittersweet Socks, watching the twists and turns unfold. I had lots of unexpected waiting time the last few days so I also made progress on my Waffle Rib Socks (Ravelry link). Sorry I don't have pictures of either - those will have to wait until next time.

Last month I was at Fruitlands Museum. In addition to an interesting program on Shakers, Transcendentalists and Native Americans we got to view an exhibit of Joseph Wheelwright's Tree Figures entitled Branching Out.

In motion, ready to swoop down and grab you.

The lookout in a field.

A towering figure . . .

. . . with roots for hair.

Incredible works of art. However, they are not meant to last. The trees are not treated and will weather naturally. From the Fruitlands website, ". . . there is a creeping sense that when we turn our backs on them they move." And that's exactly how I felt.

Finally, this piece.

I couldn't resist this face. Or is it a mask? Blank yet expressive.

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