Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wet And Woolly

Stephanie wrote:

Mona and I are back from a weekend in Vermont. This year the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival was held at a new location in Tunbridge, VT. The setting, fall colors and crowds were all spectacular. The weather was spectacular too, but in a different way.

The rain started on Friday night and continued throughout the day on Saturday. At times there were sheets of rain pounding the roof of the building we were in. Mud, muck and puddles everywhere. We could have used a boat.

But that didn't keep the crowds away. The building we were in was busy all day long. The aisles were full of people young and old. At times our booth was packed to capacity.

When I saw the rain on Saturday morning, I envisioned lots of knitting time - whiling away hours in our booth. As it turned out I had very little knitting time all weekend. Since I have no knitting progress to report, this will be a post in pictures.

The Tunbridge Fairgrounds - dark and dank.

The fairgrounds are nestled in a bowl surrounded by hills. On Saturday the trees were shrouded in fog and mist. Even with the damp conditions the scenery was beautiful.

Sunday morning the sun slowly broke through the clouds to burn off the mist. By afternoon the sun was out in full force making for an enjoyable fall afternoon.

Inside we had delightful neighbors with a cute display.

High View Farm and Will-Ewe Farm had people thinking ahead to the holidays.

Who could resist this cute, plump snow woolie?

Or this sheep?

Mona and I did make time to visit the animals in the barns.

This goat was kind enough to pose.

And so did this llama.

One of my favorites - the border collies.

I love to watch the herding demonstrations but didn't get a chance this time - too busy to break away from the booth.

Resting between herding demonstrations.

And we couldn't miss this.

The mascot for Now and Zen Yarns greeted everyone entering the booth.

We survived the wet weather and had a great time in Tunbridge. There's nothing like a fall weekend in Vermont.

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