Monday, October 12, 2009

Crazy For Cowls

Stephanie wrote:

The weather and season are an open invitation to knit as much as I possibly can. I'm happy to report that I've made significant progress on the Harmonia's Rings Cowl.

Using Cat Bordhi's Moebius Cast On this cowl is worked outward from the center. I completed the top half and am now working my way down to the bottom. This pattern is designed by Sivia Harding, and she includes instructions on Ravelry for making it a bit longer. In just a few rows I'll try it on and see if I want to make it longer. I've been feeling chilled the last couple of days (no, I haven't turned on the heat yet) so longer seems like a good option.

The top edge is finished off with the half beaded picot bind off. I love the sparkly accent of the beads against the Celestial Charcoal.

In other news . . . this can mean only one thing.

I must confess that I've already started not only another project but another cowl - this time using Celestial Rust.

This wee bit is the beginning of Soft Cables Moebius. Unlike Harmonia's Rings this cowl is knit flat. Note the contrasting yarn of the provisional cast on. The moebius twist is made when joining the two ends.

While doing a quick inspection of my pathetic yard and plants I spotted a few remaining blueberries on our bush.

Usually the squirrels raid this bush before we get to eat any berries. This time they left us a couple of crumbs.

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Karen said...

Hi! Hope you have thawed out after a chilly weekend. I didn't know you were doing a Soft Cables Moebius. I did one of those a while back as a gift for our retiring church organist. I remember liking the pattern because it described using various yarn weights. I started it with one thing and realized I would never make my deadline, so I went out and got something a little heavier so I could move up a gauge or two. It was a fun knit, with the stitch pattern being reversible and all.