Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mistakes and More

Stephanie wrote:

Mistakes are a fact of knitting. They are as much a part of the process as everything else. Everyone makes mistakes - there's no getting around it.

The issue is which mistakes can you live with and which ones do you have to rip back and fix?

I was cruising along on my Colorful Splendor Lace Scarf. While I enjoy knitting scarves, I often get bogged down in the middle and progress seems slow. So I was excited to be past the half way point and was plotting when I could cast off when I discovered a wee mistake.

While I was debating whether or not I could live with said wee mistake, I examined the scarf more closely and noticed that my slight imperfection was larger than I had first observed.

Notice how the beautiful columns running along the edge of the scarf are rudely interrupted several rows from the top. I knew I could not live with this mess and proceed to rip out the offending rows. While ripping back the rows, I consoled myself with the fact that I noticed the mistake after several rows. It would have been much worse for the mistake go have gone unnoticed for several inches. The mistake was fixed and the frogged rows re-knit. The scarf is back on track and even closer to completion.

This whole issue of fixing mistakes is a matter of personal preference. There are some knitters who wouldn't have ripped back to correct the messy edge. And that's fine. But it's good to know your comfort level when it comes to mistakes. If a mistake is going to take away from your enjoyment of the knitting and wearing, by all means go back and fix it. On the other hand if it doesn't matter so much to you, you can probably live with it.

New on the needles . . . Fine Filigree Fingerlings.

I'm making the mitt version of this pattern. The pattern is worked from the top down to the wrist.

While I'm enjoying the pattern, I'm still not too sure about the sizing. Time will tell. In the meantime I'm loving the yarn - Bunny Sox Sweetest; 60% superwash merino, 25% angora, 15% nylon. This blend has enough angora to make a difference - soft and scrumptious. Bunny Sox will soon be up on our website.

My color combo for the week.

Tomatillos fresh from the farmers' market.

Finally, a contest. I've been thinking how great it is that knitters are so willing to share with each other. We're always looking for inspiration and new ideas. Leave a comment with your favorite current project or technique. The winner, drawn at random, will have his/her choice of one skein of sock yarn. Contest ends next Sunday, September 27.


Laurie said...

I'm loving two things these days: twisted german cast on (for stretchy anything) and purl cast on (so that you start the work with a knit row.

Working on a Chili Pepper sock (your merino) with the german CO, working on Berocco Leilani with the purl cast on.

And a sweater from Twist Collective with a tubular cast on.

motherbee said...

I'm loving the Dream Catcher Lace Square Shawl by Margaret Edelson that I am working on. No purls!

Anonymous said...

My current project is the Secret Garden Shawl KAL at the Unique Sheep. I love the lace and the gradience yarns. I'm also working on February Lady Sweater...not a great challenge, but a nice relaxing knit.

Plus socks - lots of socks in the works, yours included!

Emily'smom on Rav

estacam said...

I recently finished a baby sweater called Judy's Grandmother's baby sweater from the book Greetings from Knit Cafe. You knit it sideways - it's a wrap. So you knit the tie of one side then increase to knit one front continuing across to the other side down to the other side to the tie. then you pick up and do the sleeves. I want to find a grown up version of the pattern it's so cute and the technique is really fun to knit.

Fujiyamamama said...

I took a workshop at Stitches and I think I may have fallen in love with Bohus Stickning. I finished one wristlet, but need to knit the other one...which unfortunately isn't at the top of my need to knit list.
Sadly, Christmas stockings and hats for the kids are more of a priority.

Kate/Massachusetts said...

My current project is finishing the Portuguese Fisherwoman shawl. But, years ago I learned to crochet and rarely do much more than a doily or runner. Then I saw Molly's hexagon granny:

This got me thinking about all my assorted but unknitted handspun. Also, all those single bags of dyed roving that have not been spun yet. I think a hexagon granny done in my handspun would be really lovely. I don't think I would ever use my handspun for socks - too precious. Now scarves are great but I don't need more than a couple. So, I think I will have a go at turning my handspun into an "upscale" granny! I like Molly's link to the site that teaches you how to crochet the motifs together as you go...I will definitely do that otherwise it would never get put together! Also, all suggestions gratefully accepted!

Kate/Massachusetts said...

The link to Molly's afgan did not come through properly. Just go to her blog and scroll down to her August 25th entry to see the granny~

Taos Sunflower said...

I love the photograph of the tomatillos...they're so pretty! I miss tomatillo salsa...sniff...I pig out on it when I go to San Diego. Guess I should grow some in my new greenhouse and learn to make it myself! (PS If you have a good recipe, please send to me. Thx.)

PS I'm loving knitting a giant log cabin square out of odd balls of Manos del Uruguay for a donation baby blanket for Afghanistan. Log cabin is such a fun knit and a great way stash buster.

Linda said...

I am currently in a shawl knitting mode. I just finished a Girasole and a Secret Garden Shawl, and have just cast on an Ulmus. I love knitting anything with lace.

Christine said...

I have so many socks in progress which I like - I knit whatever suits my mood. My favorite thing nowadays is waiting to bind off a toe-up sock. This is a stretchy bind off you can find in Chrissy Gardiner's Toe Up! book, but it was also recently featured in

knitastitch said...

Having just finished a pair of hand warmer mitts using your Comfy Sox and also my first experience with Magic Loop, I just ordered more of the same color from The Loopy Ewe ( in an exclusive color you dye for them). TLE was very complementary of your yarns which just comfirmed what I already felt.
I'll be starting a neck warmer ring as soon as the yarn arrives. The yarn is such a joy to use! But not sure I'm in love with the Magic loop.

lisa said...

Right now my favorite project is the new Rectangular Ulmus and Just Enough Ruffles scarf. That's today, ask me again tomorrow!

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

It's hard to name a favorite project because I just pick up the yarn and needles and start knitting. When I'm done, I may or may not know what it is. I haven't followed patterns very often. Right now I'm working on a sweater that I haven't even completely visualized, so I'm slowing down until the next section comes clear.

Suzanne said...

I'm working on the Farmer's Market Cardigan from the Fall 2009 Interweave Knits. I have found that using an Excel spreadsheet helps to keep track of the increases and decreases that occur "at the same time..." If I finish the sweater on time, it will come with me to Rhinebeck!

Charissa said...

At the moment I'm working on Primavera socks. It's a simple pattern but if you don't pay attention you have a lot of frogging to do.