Monday, September 14, 2009

Color Choices

Stephanie wrote:

Mona and I were recently talking about color. What else is new? We were talking specifically about color choices and preferences. For instance, are there regional differences in color preferences?

Our very unscientific research indicates that people on the west coast lean toward lighter colors. Not necessarily brighter, but definitely lighter. I will qualify that by saying that Sock Summit has been our only west coast show. With the exception of Stitches East last fall (Baltimore), the only other shows we do are in New England.

We carry a full range of colors and noticed a significant increase in the sales of lighter colors at Sock Summit. We know that the darker colors do well at our other shows. Maybe geography plays a role in the spiked sales of the lighter colors. Or maybe it has to do with the season. The academic in me thinks there's a research project in all of this.

Speaking of projects . . . the Colorful Splendor Scarf is more than half done and the foot on the Oak Ribbed Sock is taking shape. I'll spare you the boring photos.

But I will show you this.

Pieces of mostly stockinette that will come together one day as a vest. At the moment this is my totally mindless knitting project - when I stand in line, wait for kids or need a knitting fix but am too tired to see straight.

Detail from the bottom edge. The colors are rich and very seasonal.

And they go well with these flowers that made their way into my house.

If l didn't know better, I would say these are fake. Trust me - they are real. Sunflowers in intense red, orange and yellow. They scream fall, and I love them.

Finally, I have to share a shot of a visitor I had last night.

I was working away at my desk minding my own business when this ladybug dropped in. She kept me company for quite a while and then flew off to explore the rest of the house. A quiet but entertaining guest.

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Taos Sunflower said...

Interesting observation...I've wondered about that myself. When I'm near the ocean I seem to like blues, which I mostly don't care for when I'm back here in NM...
Love the sunflowers and your assistant!