Friday, June 12, 2009

Back from the Frolic

Stephanie wrote:

A week ago today we left for Fiber Frolic.  Where does the time go?  

Last weekend was loads of fun.  The weekend in pictures . . . 

The weather was beautiful all weekend long.  Outside vendors were able to enjoy it the most.

This kid goat was for sale along with a couple of others.  I wonder if this one found a new home.

These alpacas were so friendly and docile - very popular with the little kids.

And the parade was not to be missed.  Animals in costumes, kids marching along making music - it was a colorful, lively affair.

Half the fun of these events is the people we get to meet.  We met several people who know our yarn through Sheri at The Loopy Ewe.  Friends from around New England who made the trip to the Frolic stopped by to chat.  It was a very social weekend.

I always come away from these weekends with new ideas and information.  For instance I learned that Hatchtown Farm is now offering a fiber CSA.  A fiber CSA allows individuals to purchase shares of fiber.  The share money goes toward maintaining the animals.  In return shareholders receive fiber (or yarn) after shearing.

I've been involved with a farm CSA for produce, so it's exciting to see this same model transferred to fiber farms.  The fiber CSA is an innovative way to supply farmers with working capital and to receive fiber in return.  It's encouraging to see more and more fiber CSAs popping up.

Work is progressing on my Fiddlehead Socks (Ravelry link).  I'm making my way through the gusset increases.  Pictures will have to wait for better lighting conditions and an extra pair of hands.

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