Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shifting Seasons

Stephanie wrote:

The transition from winter to spring is not an easy one for me.  While I thoroughly enjoy the  fall - winter slice of the season pie, I could do with just a sliver of the spring - summer portion. 

As spring approaches I hold out for one more snowfall, linger over last laps on the ice skating rink, savor being wrapped in wool against the final blast of cold from the north.

I am slowly making a mental shift to accommodate the new season.  We have had many damp, soggy, gray days - weather that makes it a challenge to dry newly dyed yarn.  One day this past week the weather was warm and dry. Perfect timing to help out with a backlog of wet wool.

I put the rack outside, and the yarn was dry in no time.  Shown here is Twinkle Toes in a variety of colors.

The dye pots have been going nonstop to keep up with orders and to prepare for Connecticut Sheep, Wool and Fiber Festival. Our first festival of the season - another sign that spring is really here.  

And this time of year does bring out some very cute things in the candy aisle. 

Baby Baa shown on a bed of Luster Sox Pine.  Almost too cute to eat.

So I pack away the coats, boots, winter woolens and prepare to enjoy what this slice of the pie has to offer.

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